Events for Spring 2017

Plymouth State University’s Contemplative Education Group has a few initiatives underway as well as our usual slate of events.

First, university-wide revisions to General Education may allow groupings of courses to carry micro-credentials. We are looking to “bundle” the existing courses that use contemplative approaches and also to develop new courses.

Second, we will be re-tooling our Contemplative Communities project, which involves partnership with the Center for Active Living and Healthy Communities.  Stay tuned!

For now, here are some opportunities to get involved.

  • Meditation Mondays: Frost Commons 12:15-12:30 p.m. every Monday through May 15th. Join us as we start the week by gathering for a few minutes in silence. All are welcome!
  • Reading Group: Frost Commons 3:30-4:30 last Tuesday of every month (Feb 28, March 28, April 25) We will discuss articles from the latest Journal of Contemplative Inquiry, which features contemplative educational practices in Law, the Sciences, Technology, Environmental Studies, and Writing.
  • Ed.D and M.Ed. course: Look for HD/EN “Special Topics: Contemplative Inquiry and Practice in Higher Education” to be offered June/July 2017 in online and residency format (Waterville Valley).
  • Staying in touch: Plymouth State members can join the Contemplative Education Group in Yammer or in Outlook Mail Groups, both available through Microsoft 365. There you can find files and past messages.

Plans for the Fall semester

Here’s a copy of the recent email I circulated, sketching our plan for the semester.
I’ve gotten some excellent feedback and ideas and volunteers– horrah! So, here’s what the semester looks like so far.
1. Reflective Practice: Annette and I would like to start a reflective practice group. Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll figure out a time/day that works and post info to this list.
2. Meditation: Hridaya will be organizing Meditation Mondays this semester. Meditations will be facilitated by rotating volunteers. You’ll hear more from Hridaya on that front.
3. Book Club: Brigid has volunteered to organize a weekly book club based around “Integral Education” in a chapter-a-week kind of format. You’ll hear more from Brigid soon.
4. Discussion: We have a blog! Let’s keep it active as a hub for conversation, questions, and development of ideas. You can post comments anytime but also consider being a guest blogger! I can “invite” people at any time, so let me know if you’re interested. This will be our main form of community building and I would love for it to track the development of our thinking as well as the movement on campus. Please do participate. If you’ve read a book or article or attended a workshop, please consider posting your notes so we can all learn together.
5. Retreat: We’d like to organize a two-day retreat for January at Waterville. Kathleen and I will get back to you on details.
6. Future reading: Nancy has recommended The Living Classroom and we also have Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness, and Radical Presence: Teaching as Contemplative Practice on our radar. Perhaps these can be discussed on the blog or at our retreat.
7. New name: we’re going to adopt the blog name as our group name: “College contemplative.” Contemplative/Mindfulness Pedagogy, while descriptive, is just getting too cumbersome and wordy. So, emails will have “College contemplative” on the subject line from now on.
8. Mayhem: There is talk of an end-of-semester podium-burning party (held off campus). You have been warned.