Integral Education and PSU’s Graduate Program Hallmarks

As we move deeper into the study of Integral Theory and Contemplative Pedagogy and their applications in our classrooms, I have been considering, again, the hallmarks of our graduate programs that were developed by program faculty almost a decade ago. “The graduate programs foster inquiry and critical thinking through a commitment to the following hallmarks: Leadership and Advocacy; Scholarship and Application; Reflection and Innovation; Professionalism and Service; Global Awareness and Social Responsibility.” (page 7 of the Graduate Catalog)

The Graduate Faculty have begun a discussion of these hallmarks and their application across disciplines and departments and colleges now that we have expanded far beyond our small group of Graduate Coordinators, and I am intrigued by the possibility of discussing them in the context of Integral Theory and Contemplative Pedagogy. How might these hallmarks be mapped onto Wilber’s quadrants? Is is important, or possible, to discuss each of these hallmarks as they apply to each of our courses by framing them with Integral Theory? Contemplative Pedagogy? My experience has been that many faculty in the graduate programs integrate these hallmarks naturally, if not explicitly, into their courses, but I wonder what a powerful experience it would be for graduate students to engage in a discussion of them in most if not all courses they take, and to have that conversation in the context of Integral Theory. Guiding contemplation of these hallmarks as they apply to “I, We, It and Its” might create opportunities to engage students on deeper levels with course content and expectations.