Meditation in class

We’ve come to the end of our first partial week of classes and I wanted to share an experience I had in my Communication, Media, and Wellness course. After watching a 4 minute youtube introduction to meditation by Jack Kornfield, we talked as a class about the merits of meditation and what they (my students) thought were his most important points. Of course we meditated then and wrote a journal entry. What I found interesting was that the students who had experienced meditation in the past (in a variety of forms) were all male students. What also stood out to me was that two of the five male students actually practiced for a while. They both indicated that they missed it and appreciated the reminder from Kornfield and our discussion.  In the past and in my experience with this course, I found that male students do not open up about this kind of activity as easily as females (and especially not the first day!).

I just found this interesting and curious at the same time – we’ll see what happens this semester!

I would encourage you all to think about ways in which you can integrate some of these meditation tools into your courses as appropriate. This course I refer to is a wellness course, so the fit is explicit. I may also engage a contemplative component into my Senior Seminar, they are ALREADY stressed and scattered!

Enjoy your semester and I look forward to hearing what you are doing in the classroom.



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