So, the medievalist who barely uses Moodle (and doesn’t own a cell phone or TV) started a listserv for the ACMHE 2012 Summer Session and invited folks to contribute as authors to this blog. Goodness! This leap into the 21st century surely testifies to the depth of inspiration I’ve received from that session. What a homecoming it felt like! To be in a room full of scholar-teachers who each have a personal practice, who bring their hearts, bodies and minds to what they do…. What incredible presence. Although we’re housed all over the university system– Physics, Law, Theology, Women’s Studies, Nursing, Curriculum Studies, Economics, advising, IT, Centers for Learning and Teaching, etc.–  I never felt that any aspect of the conference was not relevant to my work and life. [I should clarify that I may have felt frustrated at certain times, but thanks to conversations formal and informal, as well as attention to my own practice, it all became quite meaningful!]

And then, to return to the northern mountains to an engaged and energetic group of fellow contemplatives across my own university– I’m feeling mighty grateful right now for the life I get to lead.

More about the readings and the summer session over the next few days. I’m also hoping to hear from YOU! on this blog. So, let me know if you’d like to post and I’ll send you the official invite/log-on thingie.

Happy fall semester!


One comment on “Newcomers!

  1. amholba says:

    I mistakenly purchased two Bennett books on Enchanment, so if anyone would like to buy one from me, I have it now and it is at a discount! Let me know.

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