Plans for the Fall semester

Here’s a copy of the recent email I circulated, sketching our plan for the semester.
I’ve gotten some excellent feedback and ideas and volunteers– horrah! So, here’s what the semester looks like so far.
1. Reflective Practice: Annette and I would like to start a reflective practice group. Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll figure out a time/day that works and post info to this list.
2. Meditation: Hridaya will be organizing Meditation Mondays this semester. Meditations will be facilitated by rotating volunteers. You’ll hear more from Hridaya on that front.
3. Book Club: Brigid has volunteered to organize a weekly book club based around “Integral Education” in a chapter-a-week kind of format. You’ll hear more from Brigid soon.
4. Discussion: We have a blog! Let’s keep it active as a hub for conversation, questions, and development of ideas. You can post comments anytime but also consider being a guest blogger! I can “invite” people at any time, so let me know if you’re interested. This will be our main form of community building and I would love for it to track the development of our thinking as well as the movement on campus. Please do participate. If you’ve read a book or article or attended a workshop, please consider posting your notes so we can all learn together.
5. Retreat: We’d like to organize a two-day retreat for January at Waterville. Kathleen and I will get back to you on details.
6. Future reading: Nancy has recommended The Living Classroom and we also have Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness, and Radical Presence: Teaching as Contemplative Practice on our radar. Perhaps these can be discussed on the blog or at our retreat.
7. New name: we’re going to adopt the blog name as our group name: “College contemplative.” Contemplative/Mindfulness Pedagogy, while descriptive, is just getting too cumbersome and wordy. So, emails will have “College contemplative” on the subject line from now on.
8. Mayhem: There is talk of an end-of-semester podium-burning party (held off campus). You have been warned.


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